Matt+Sarah-Valley Ranch Baptist Church Wedding

You may have seen Matt and Sarah a few times here already.  I’ve written about Sarah’s bridal session, their engagement session, the video I made for a her Dad and even a teaser of their wedding.  Now it’s time for the full blog post of their wedding photography.  Their wedding and reception was last month at Valley Ranch Baptist Church in Coppell.

I’m looking for new ways to say great things about the couples I shoot for.  They really are the best.  Matt and Sarah are so kind and gracious, it’s been terrific to get to know them over the last several months.  I was grateful to be a part of their wedding day and wish them the very best in their move to Boston.

Getting ready beforehand.

The shoes…

The bouquet…

…and of course the boots.

Sarah…do you think she’s knows how beautiful she looks?

The girls…

A moment of refuge.

It was hot…really hot.  I told them it was Matt’s fault…the guys were great!

A few moments remaining.

In Sarah’s room getting ready they were listening to tunes.  Gotta have the Glee version of some Journey tunes…a perfect match for the ring shot!

Making the switch for the ceremony…



Matt wasn’t going to let a wheelchair get in the way of dancing with his Mom.  Matt…you are AWESOME!

All of Sarah’s sorority sisters singing…

I posted a version of this one earlier.  This was in the last few minutes before they changed close to exit.

A monochrome rendering of a moment later.

Bye Bye!If you’ve found your way here and are planning your own wedding.  I would love to talk to you about your plans.  It the contact button and let’s talk!

  • Sarah

    Phil . . . you already know how much we love the photos, but I was glad to see you included some of the funny ones on your post (Anna wildly gesticulating at the hair salon, Matt and his mom dancing, etc.). Thanks for your great sense of humor, and for doing a great job!

  • Angie Casey

    Phil – Love, love, love the pictures. You have been a joy to work with, from start to finish…and you’re so creative! Thanks for capturing all the special moments so beautifully. — Angie (Mother of the bride)

  • Anna Casey

    I love the photos! I am such a big fan of the goofy smiling ones. 🙂

  • Kevin Casey

    WOW! I knew that it was a beautiful ceremony, but your photographic expertise really, really captured the moment! Great Work!

  • Angela Miller

    These photographs are wonderful. I know they will be cherished.

  • Jennifer Martin

    What a beautiful bride (and beautiful photos)!

  • Kirsten Appleyard

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful day! I love how their personalities shine through. Love you guys!

  • Matt Casey

    The black and white pic of the pool table is still my favorite, but all of these are great. The one of the front of the church as they walk out is awesome.

  • Rachel

    great photos of the WOTC!!!

  • Harry Smith

    Phil, great job. You are very talented. I like the rings and iTunes pic especially.

  • Sharon Mustain

    The photos are beautiful and your photographer really did a great job taking some amazing pictures which area very unique.

  • Chrystanne Trask

    Love these photos — so alive, creative and fun. Angie, thanks for sharing so we could see!

  • Reo and Neva Casey

    thank you for the great job you did of Sarah’s and Matt’s wedding. All of the photos
    were beautiful

  • Megan Thompson

    these are so adorable!! love them (:

  • john

    Way to go GMOTC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lyndi Conradt

    POTCs for the WOTC!

  • Alton & Opal Daniels

    Thank you for a job well done. We loved the different poses and the colors were beautiful and clear.

  • Nadia

    These photos are wonderful!!!!

  • Kaitlin Fogelsong

    These look so good! (Not that I haven’t looked through them a million times before) I LOVE the picture of y’all dancing together – you look beautiful, Sarah. Congratulations once again, and good luck on the trip up to Massachusetts tomorrow!!!

  • Kristen

    these pictures are great, they really capture the joy of the day!

  • Shari Zoda

    Great photos! They really capture Matt and Sarah’s personality and their wonderful spirit! Not your “everyday” wedding photos….and I love that!

  • Denise Berry Koch

    Phil, you have captured the heart and soul of Matt and Sarah! They are filled with love, family and laughter, all of which are depicted in your pictures! As I was viewing, I imagined the pics in a book format! I can’t wait to frame some of these! Thank you for being a caring professional. 🙂 Warmly, Matt’s Mom

  • Thanks Shari!

  • Thanks Kristen!

  • Thank you Kaitlin!

  • Thank you so much Nadia!

  • Thanks Kevin!!

  • Thank you so much Angie!!

  • Sarah…those words mean so much. Thank you!

  • Candace

    Great pictures! Really wish we could have been there – I really like the photojournalistic quality that a lot of these have. Very nice!

  • Thanks Candace!

  • Hi Phil,

    I loved the Ring Shot on the LCD screen with the Journey song in the background. I have seen a TON of Ring shots but never one this creative. Congratulations! -eric hoffland

  • Thanks Eric…that’s quite a compliment!

  • Very nice set, the reception images are amazing!

  • Phil, you really have a way of showing how well you connect with your bride and groom! Awesome work, really wonderful wedding photography!

  • Love the photo of the bride below the boots. She is lit up perfectly. The pool table photos are cool too.

  • Bill Baker

    Delightful and obviously you had fun being at this event. Lots of sparkle in the pics.

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