Theme. No longer a four letter word

I know what you’re thinking. A theme is the kind of thing you’re forced to decide upon when it comes to throwing a twelve-year-old’s birthday party… A party where all their friends will come to expect a pirate ship shaped cake and goody bags filled with buried treasure or rather, a tea party complete with it’s own mad-hatter. Fear not, for wedding themes today don’t dare come close to those childish connotations, but rather have morphed into a personal expression of the stylish couple you truly are.

Gone are the days of perfectly coordinated bridesmaids, sugared almonds wrapped in tulle and old-fashioned themes as we beckon an era of stylish concepts, personalised design and modern aesthetics. Today weddings are more than an afternoon in which to sip champagne with the relatives. They are the party to-die-for and a perfect and pristine example of how clever ideas can combine to create a breathtaking result. When it comes to choosing (dare I say it) a theme, consider this… A theme need not be rigid or structured but rather a fluid and natural arrangement of colours, motifs and aesthetics that combine flawlessly. Take this Vintage Du jour Inspiration Board for example. It’s romantic and eclectic mix of feminine style and muted colours is what translates this concept into the real world. No perfectly coordinated table napkins allowed, but rather a stylish and sophisticated combo of texture and tone resulting in a magnificent result. So if you’re stuck on where to go from here and how to choose a theme, here’s a few simple tips to get you started…

1. Limit yourself to 3 colours. Unless you’re a pro, pulling-off a stunning wedding using more than 3 colours can be a nightmare. Better yet stick to a single colour offset by white/cream/ivory and feature various tones in a single palette. Not only will your wedding look stylishly coordinated, it will also save you the hassle when it comes to finding that “perfect shade of purple”. (See the Lovely Lavender Inspiration Board.)

2. Chose a simple motif to create a recognisable thread throughout the occasion in which to pull all the elements together. This could be as classic as a stylish bow, or as detailed as a Peony bloom. Use it on anything and everything from the invitations to the table decor at the reception for a “wow” result. (See Take a Bow Inspiration Board.)

3. Don’t compromise on your taste and your personal style. A really beautiful Wedding will be made up of elements that express who you are as a couple and your unique personality as a bride. If you love something and your afraid it doesn’t “coordinate” with your theme, then find a way to bring in those little details and touches that show who you really are… Your guests will love the feeling of walking away from a dreamy wedding knowing that each part of the day was a reflection of you, rather than a perfectly coordinated affair where the table napkins were the exact same shade as the bridesmaid dresses.

For more inspiration and ideas to make your wedding a truly once-in-a-lifetime affair make sure you visit One White Dress.

Alera is a twenty-something-year-old-Australian and a professional Wedding Stylist and Writer with a passion for Weddings. She is a certified wedding planner and the brains and writer behind the excellent Bridal Blog, One White Dress.

Be sure to visit her site for more inspiration boards and theme ideas and so many other great wedding planning resources.

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