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I’m excited to have a guest post on the blog today on web marketing by my personal SEO hero, Zach Prez.  I’ve read all of Zach’s ebooks and have devoured all of his information.  Zach’s ebooks are at the top of the list of my 2010 business purchases.  If you’re willing to do the work and follow simple logical steps, fire up that Paypal account, head over to his web site and start reading.  Finally, I’m in control of my current and future SEO.  I feel as if I’ve learned a new language.

Thanks Zach!

Grow Photography Business with Clean Web Design

The old adage rings true, “Less is more” especially in today’s world of technology where faster is better. Faster websites get better response from Google and potential clients. Web marketing is vital to a successful business. The human eye can scan an entire page in just a few seconds, and there must be something of visual appeal for the reader to stop and pay attention. When a site page is cluttered, no matter how interesting or important the information seems, it sends the brain into overload and creates analysis paralysis, a psychology term that means to overwhelm a user into doing nothing.

Your goal is to get hired. To market your business, you need a catchy, clean, uncluttered display of the main points you want your potential customers to see.

Remove Clutter

The first thing I suggest in my Photography Web Marketing ebook is suggest items to be removed from the website. I look at every piece of a page and ask the photographer “Is this important for potential clients to see or engage with?” Common examples of clutter to immediately remove:

Text that says “enable popups” or “Flash required”

Links that take users away from your site (blogroll, link to your website theme or designer, business directories)

Lists of categories, tags, and tag clouds

Traffic meters

Login or edit links

Sidebar Mayhem

Derek Halpern’s report Nonverbal Website Intelligence addresses sidebar clutter:

Your sidebar is one of the most important sections on your website because people will see it throughout the entire site. The problem is too many people overload their sidebars with widgets, badges, tag clouds, tweet feeds, recent comments, and other items that distract the user without growing your business. Your sidebar should focus on what matters most…

What Matters Most

Think about what is absolutely essential to show on every page on your site. Be sure to include some of these crucial photography marketing strategies:

Product information – Inform the users about your product and have quick links to order those products.

Contact information – Allow people to connect with you for more information or for purchasing your product.

Subscription information – Capture the identities of people not ready to purchase, so you can market to them in the future via blog posts (RSS), social media (Follow me on Facebook or Twitter), or email. Remember to give a reason for them to subscribe, like “Sign Up for Weekly Email Specials” or “Follow Me to Get More Great Photo Ideas”

Your Best Content – users don’t stumble on your best information unless you expose it. Link prominently to the pages and posts you want them to see, like “Popular Articles”

About Zach Prez: I’m a dad and social cyclist who loves to talk marketing over a cup of Lipton tea. I contribute to dozens of photography business sites. Follow me @zachprez

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