HDR Wedding Photo of Groomsmen

HDR (high dynamic range) photography is one of those things many photographers have strong opinions about.  I don’t mess with it too often but it is fin to play with from time to time.  For editing software I use Photomatix. It’s great processing software that gives the user a ton of controls.  To read more about HDR photography check out this great HDR tutorial on Trey Ratcliff’s blog.

As a wedding photographer I don’t fiddle with HDR too much, I do like to play with it more for my personal photography and landscapes.  I don’t usually dig HDR for people, take the iPhone 4 HDR for example…it’s a great feature for practically everything except skin tones.  I think people look like Oompa Loompa’s with the iPhone 4 HDR.

This image is one of the exceptions, I think HDR works well for the Groom and his buds front lit walking in to the sun and I managed not to fry the skin tones with the conversion.

HDR photo of groom and groomsmen walking before the wedding.  Photography by Dallas wedding photographer, Holland Photo Studio.

Phil Holland is an award winning Dallas wedding photographer servicing the entire DFW Metroplex. As a lifelong classical musician Phil has a strong creative past that translated easily to wedding photography. Dallas wedding and engagement photography galleries.

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